​On March 4th and 5th, 27 Piedmont students, participated in the 2017 Spring   C H I M E 

Elementary and Middle/High school Recitals held at Ellen Driscoll Auditorium at Havens Elementary School. Piedmont resident students in every grade, K-12, from PUSD and Bently, participated with solos on piano, cello, clarinet, electric guitar, violin, voice, including The Mistle Tones, a PHS vocal ensemble club. The students were confident and well prepared. The community in attendance was very pleased to be able to support, attend and feature their children.

C H I M E  would like to thank

Ken Taylor, Jan D’Annunzio, Sudthida Cheunkarndee, Cathy DeVos, Andrea Mullen, Joe Piazza, and Adrien Behrendt for their help in this event.

C H I M E  would also like to thank the private teachers Ting Chin, cello; James Choi, Wendy Reid, Sara Wood and Katrina Wreede, violin; Andrea Simms and Koko Yee, piano; Johanna Tondre, clarinet; Mitch Polzak, guitar; Shauna Fallihee voice.


​​​​​T  H  A  N  K     Y  O  U


to all wonderful and talented  participants in our semi - annual  

C H I M E  Community Recital! 

Special thanks to all parents and teachers for your support.  

C  H  I  M  E     C  O  M  M  U  N  I  T  Y     R  E  C  I  T  A  L 

 S  p  r  i  n  g    2  0  1  7

March 4th & 5th @ 3 pm  .  Ellen Driscoll Theater

​Performers:  Elsa and Cora Chun, Audrey Dickinson, Maxwell and Jacob Rodriguez, Milan Mukherjee, Anabelle Allession, Kasandra and Gavan Dagnese, Alex Saldanha, Kiril and Andrei Secor, Sofia and Tomas Tarnopolsky, Eleanor Lavin, JacksonThornborrow, Kihiro Lambert, Felix Broach, Julila Boscardin, Amy He, Sophia Zalewski, Nathan Chin, and the Mistle Tones, Bryn Lawson, Emily Szerdy, Emily Golub, Grace Foster, and Nicole Ward.